IT & Telecoms

Expertise and Projects

  • Fiber network infrastructure build: Demographic surveys, GPON technical design, network build, and commercialization.
  • Mobile network infrastructure build: Technical surveys, design, tower builds, site improvement, Telecom equipment installations.
  • Data centers: Site selection and infrastructure build for telecom services & IT services
  • Technology management: Technology analysis, design of specifications, technology selection.
  • Strategic management: Opportunity identification, business case development, stakeholder management and implementation oversight.
  • Supply chain management: Technical vendor evaluation and selection.
  • Team development: Technical resource selection and training
  • Product development: Product conception, testing, commercialization
  • Systems development: Business support process systems development, business process optimization e.g E-wallet, Coupon and POS Systems, Self-service bill payment kiosks
  • Legal and contract management: Technical scoping and reviews for development of legal frameworks
  • Finance management: Budgeting, cost analysis & control, reporting
  • End to end project and program management.